Doug4749 Wrote:
Apr 12, 2013 10:16 AM
In a street fight, the one who does the talking gets punched in the face first. After being threatened, it's either fight or flight. We've done nothing about the threats. Hmm.. history repeating itself: Iraq, Iran, N. Korea - only when Libya threatened us did we do anything, and THAT turned out to be very effective. China, the most likely candidate to pursuade the DPRK to calm down, is reluctant to do anything because they don't feel threatened. The DPRK knows that China's response would be total annihilation. Whereas, the US's response will be to 'negotiate' and send them more food and fuel, but never return-in-kind. Our allies in the Pacific HAVE to be feeling pretty unsecure. Thanks zero for your leading-from-behindness.