rebeccajean Wrote:
Apr 11, 2013 10:40 PM
What Ann said was clearly tongue in cheek and in response to Bashir's idiocy. For true tastelessness that is not so tongue in cheek you must go to the left wingers. Such as Mike Malloy saying he is waiting for the day he goes on the internet and finds out Rush Limbaugh has choked to death or he hopes Glen Beck kills himself. Or Sarah Spiz KCRW saying if Rush had a heart attack she would laugh manically. Montel Williams telling Michele Bachman to go ahead and slash her wrists, no move the knife up to your collarbone. Or Keith Olberman saying if Cheney died more people would live. I could go on and on. Getting your panties in a bunch over Ann's innocuous comment is a tad overblown.