Al341 Wrote:
Apr 06, 2013 4:17 PM
Let's lighten up this discussion with some wildly un-PC and humorous observations: 1, Opinion: Kamala Harris is a DOG (as in "not-attractive-to-men", to quote Monty Python. Again, this is not something that can be empirically proven one way or another, just one man's (educated) opinion; 2. Many of you will recall with surprise when you first heard her name, saying something like: "WTHeck? the only person whose "name" was "Kamala" was the WWE wrestler, "Kamala the Ugandan Giant" from the 1980s. Now the punchline (NO JOKE - look it up) - what is "Kamala the Ugandan Giant's" real name? A: James HARRIS I kid you not.