Islander424 Wrote:
Apr 05, 2013 11:41 PM
As for his Oneness - I live in Hawaii and have heard more on the subject of where he was born than I care to think about. This is indeed the scam of lifetime - simply breathtaking and nobody wants to call him on it. Forget the certificate. Take a look at HI statute 338-17.8. It is still on the books as of this day. Google it. You do not need to be born here to get a certificate of live birth now and you didn't then. Second the big softball that nobody wants to touch is hi SS number. It was not issued here - it was issued in Connecticut. How did he get it? Identity theft is a felony!! This is as big as the birth issue. He can't even pass E-verify. You're darn right his records are sealed. His whole life is one big forgery..