mleinbach Wrote:
Apr 05, 2013 9:44 PM
None of those people on those Drugs actually DO THE DRUGS. They SELL THEM. 80 to 120 dollars EVERY DAY they make for getting on the METH PROGRAM. If they get 120 Milligrams of Meth daily they sell it on the street for 120 dollars. THATS A GOOD INCOME EVERY DAY FOR A DRUG ADDICT WHO NEEDS TO ALSO PAY THEIR 40 dollars a week to live in some room in a friends HOUSE. LIBERALS PROGRAMS DONT WORK BECAUSE THE LIBERALS ARE VOTEING FOR THE PROGRAMS TO HELP LIBERALS WHO DONT WORK GET MONEY FROM THOSE WHO DO WORK!! SURE every once in a while there is someone that these programs actually helps. But is it worth losing that much money for most liberals to take advantage?