mleinbach Wrote:
Apr 05, 2013 9:41 PM
YEP! Lexington Market used to be a slave Market way back. NOW They just sell every drug you can think of ALL AROUND IT. Sure the police are there. But let me tell you, The police CANNOT catch all the LIBERAL METHADONE CLINIC FOLKS who sell their METH AND OTHER DRUGS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE POLICE!!!! All you have to do is walk around for 1 minute until someone says DEENS PINS BUPS PERKS and my favorite call out... Fins for "finicans" the locals call them. Which is actually Phenergan which is a stomach medication that really intensifies Methadone for people who have been on Meth long enough for it to not get them dope high like being on Heroin anymore. Every person on the program sells. Paid for by STATE AND FED. THE LIBERAL WAY!