Redraider Wrote:
Apr 05, 2013 8:42 PM
Destructive lifestyle. That is really good satire Tun. What a LAUGH! But in case it isn't, saying that you can't kill babies, OH how HORRIBLE and DESTRUCTIVE! Having people who can hold their own and not start a hissy fit LQ fight in the middle of the battle, again, HORRIBLE, JUST HORRIBLE! Saying mentally ill, emotionally dysfunctional people, or a son can't marry his mother and vice versa...OH THE HUMANITY OF IT ALL!!!! JUST HORRIBLE, POOR POOR TUNTAVERN. Laws against the establishment of aborted baby parts, WHICH HAVE SHOWN TO NOT WORK ANYWAY...Oh, I know you wanted to contradict religion of liberalism and exercise your greed by starting a black market for aborted baby parts right Tun? We know that is what you wanted to do.