Dale455 Wrote:
Apr 05, 2013 7:34 AM
"You people"? Now look at who's being bigoted. I won't say "racist", because unlike you liberals, who throw out that term at the drop of a hat, as a way to deflect the argument away because you can't win any argument based on FACTS. The fact that the number of deaths for this 1/4 vs. last years IS encouraging, yet is but ONE instance; it, however does NOT indicate a trend as you & your buddy "Dead fish Rhombo" seem to be touting. As far as the "more valuable" phrase, talk to your LIBERAL press who have been downplaying the deaths in Chicago as a way to protect the politicians they so love; ALL life is valuable. It is a shame that so many of these young people are so cavalier with life & the taking away of life. Shows a lack of morality.