sedlen Wrote:
Apr 05, 2013 12:08 AM
C'mon Rubio, Drop the Amnesty-garbage, Get away from, The despised-hated-reviled "Fake-Phoney-Fraud" Fake-Conservatives, RINO-Neo-Cons, Such as GB-2, McAmnesty, McGrahamnesty, Jeb Bush, Rove, RINO-Chris-Christie, USSC-Judge-Traitor-Roberts, and other "Fake-Conservatives-Actors !" Romney's not as bad as they all are, but he did intentially throw the Nov-2012-election-race to the highly-unworthy-lowly-Leftists-Libs-Dems-Obama-Reid-Schumer-Pelosi ! So far Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Louis Gomert, many others, are not one of their lowly anti-US-American kind. Cruz is a decent Cons, but he was wrong about Hagel, as so many R's were, only Rand Paul and a few other pro-USC R's got that one right !