71 911E, TX Wrote:
Apr 04, 2013 6:01 PM
(cont) do away with this piece of filth? Non sequitur. And so, it takes a national average of 13 years to execute a murderer. Remember, that includes the MANDATORY appeal of the conviction and sentence. The lawyers clean up on that one. I cases like this where the evidence is overwhelming, the trial and punishment shouldn't take more than a month, hell, not more than a couple of weeks. Insanity? If someone kill a bunch of people, pre-planned, and booby traps his apartment, I think that there's not too much worry about insanity. I've had enough of this. All of Chapman's "qualms" about Holes never being executed don't interest me. He wants to lock him up for good. Like the criminals in CA who were released because (cont.)