faithhopecharity Wrote:
Apr 04, 2013 11:00 AM
Frankly Frank, I don't...kidding of course. 56 years of watching a culture self-destruct! No sir, I'm not chicken little...but I do enjoy nuts! Do you watch tv, any tv? Do you go to the theatre at least 5 times a year? Do you subscribe to newspapers or magazines? If so, take this challenge... For 3 weeks, turn it off. All media. Then, pretend you are married with precious children (all raised without tv, etc.) and turn it on ...within 10 minutes you will see an overload. Hollywood deadens ones objectivity. There is right and there is wrong which is concrete clear if you step away from their pallantere of what they want you to see, think and as always, feel. You may change your tune and may even agree.