Walter50 Wrote:
Apr 03, 2013 2:55 PM
Here's a novel idea! Granted Sanford has baggage, but how about letting the other side do their own dirty work? I have no idea who's running on the Democrat ticket, but I would be willing to wager their politics are far more repugnant to me than Sanfords'. By all means, vote your favorite in the primary, but in the general election, we should circle the wagons and protect our nominee, and do our best to see him win. Our eagerness to be 'better than thou' stands in the way of the reality that we surrender foolishly a seat we need when we don't support our nominee. The other side does not make the same mistake. They will circle the wagons around anybody, no matter how blatant their vices, perversions, or crimes. It is just a fact.