onatgat Wrote:
Apr 02, 2013 11:20 PM
Hehehehe quick transparency.. I am VERY much in support of Occupy, and am vividly participatory. I am participatory in occupy WALLSTREET. . Because of banks, because of government that supports them instead of me. . .and against 6 media companies that control 90% of everything we read, hear, and watch... when they have a monetary investment with these very banks. you use words like Lazy, and Anarchist, and socialist.. I am none of these.. I am angry, at Obama, at Wallstreet, and so I fight people being forclosed on, in state that takes voted power away, to hand to companies that don't pay taxes. what ism is that? .. because that's the one I am speaking out against. If you want to be credible, write with credibility..