Tourville Wrote:
Apr 02, 2013 5:52 PM
WE are NOT Defunct, Ms.Marsden. Our Current American Governing Congress & Senate have been Bought Off .. Campaign Contributions, Lucrative Speaking Engagements .. Insider Knowledge on Off Shoring for Stock Portfolio Feathering .. Bribery .. Collusion .. Corruption. Our Elected trashed our Trade & Labor Law .. wrote ' work around the Constitution Quasi Racketeering Legalese ' so to then use Tax Payer Funds to move us Corporate Manufacturing .. that which MADE our Nation an Advanced Economy .. to Dictatorship Nation Workforces. This Legalized Abandonment of our Nations Workforce de funded our Economy .. de funded our Government at ALL Levels.. and was clearly ILLEGAL to do as the Cover Up continues to this day. RACKETEERING is Key.