cmiller442 Wrote:
Apr 01, 2013 4:57 PM
In point of fact, the only ones who think they are "nearing a deal" are the Gang of Eight. Most Senators DO NOT KNOW the "metrics" of the so-called deal, and most Senators want more input and more public debate on the subject before they even call it a "deal"... As it stands, the "deal" goes like this: 1.) Grant "probational legal status" for all illegal aliens FIRST, allowing them to work and travel freely within the USA. 2.) Only AFTER probational legal status is granted, Congress will move on securing the border. The "metrics" of HOW we secure the border have not been revealed, as these details are only known to the Gang of Eight. 3.) Full amnesty and citizenship will then be granted to all illegal aliens AFTER the border is secure.