jrazskazoff Wrote:
Apr 01, 2013 3:33 PM
I was just forwarded your propaganda titled "The Gospel According to Don".Personally, it is very upsetting to me that there are still those whobelieve this nonsense about the sloth that marijuana supposedlybreeds.I take great pride in my work ethic, and feel it is an injustice topeople who can enjoy marijuana responsibly.I will include a list of successful pot smokers that shuts your theory down.These are all people who smoke pot, please feel free to "google" thesepeople if you aren't aware of their success.George WashingtonBen FranklynSir Richard BransonRick StevesMichael PhelpsMontel WIlliamsSteven KingArnold SchwarzeneggerSteve JobsCarl Sagan (maybe you've heard of him, the father of science fiction,and ideas of space exploration)Stephen