Vladilyich Wrote:
Apr 01, 2013 11:46 AM
I cannot understand why U.S. rail services continue to be major money pits. In my area of Canada we have two passenger services as well as a freight service. The national rail line VIA travels coast to coast at very reasonable rates. My wife and I are both legally blind and as long as we travel with a full-fare passenger, our tickets are free. We took VIA to Montreal and back last year at no charge. VIA is more than solvent. There is also a run from Toronto to New York City for under $50. It changes name to AMTRAK when it crosses the border at Niagara. We also have a commuter line (GO Train) that does short hops at very reasonable prices. I can ride from Guelph to Toronto for $13 and they are full. Greyhound is $32 each way.