David4 Wrote:
Apr 01, 2013 9:39 AM
Consider name!="Ann". She is a meth-addict, a liar, lives with her mom and hasn't held any job for >1 day. I have met Ann's dau. Liz. Liz is very lucky to have been taken from Ann and put in another home. What life(?) is ahead for Ann? Is Ann disabled? * A principal-ed free-market/Malthus/Darwin man would say that at the bottom of the economy people really do starve or freeze to death. That could easily be Ann's fate, and deserved. * A bleeding-heart liberal would say that Ann, as a human, has a right to be supported by the rest of society. Then the bl-h liberals argue among themselves about just how well or impoverished a life Ann should get. What do you think?