Mike2048 Wrote:
Apr 01, 2013 7:58 AM
"The God-ordained" - NOPE - any couple can be married with the signature of a NOTARY on a Marriage license. No God required. "lifelong, covenantal union" - NOPE - Any couple can be divorced in 90 days in most States, and free to REMARRY within 5-30 days after that "between man and wife" -NOPE - 9 States now allow same-sex marriage. In Government's eyes, "God" is not part of Marriage, and "lifelong" is forbidden to exist under both divorce law and brilliant Supreme Court rulings, some of the best of the last century. Williams v. North Carolina allowing migratory no-fault divorce is the EPITOME of unadulterated Federalism and "privileges and immunities". No Fault divorce is the ultimate Conservative showcase of true State's right