dterreri Wrote:
Mar 31, 2013 11:52 PM
ATTENTION ALL STRONG WOMEN: as i was writing and exposing more foibles of femininity by writing more satire for my www.strongwomen.info website, i was listening to my plethora of mp3s when michael w. smith's "colorblind" came on. "better if we could be colorblind," was probably what got me thinking...it's fine to be colorblind, but don't be blind to reality. gays are blind to reality, vaginas are blind to reality. it's no wonder i've seen so many articles of how gay "men" (emotional masculivoids) are best friends with members of the lesser gender (physical masculivoids). people nowadays are colorblind to reality, so much that they would try their hardest not to think twice about driving into "the hood" at 11pm and going into a conven