Totes Wrote:
Mar 31, 2013 10:27 AM
Johnson has his info wrong. Typical African American. Before Lndon Johnson, and Abe Foxman great society in 1972 African Americans were never on welfare or received any handout. Prior to 1972 blacks children came from over 90 percent married household. More than whites. And over 80 percent of African Children finished high school and went on to University. There were no section 8 or welfare. The great society (DEMOCRATS) especially Abe Foxman did this to them. Section 8, and food stamps, and free health care were given to them which started their spiral. Read Thomas Sowell Articles. Yes,. Sowell is black, and the most brilliant mind in America. Abe Foxman and his group control all of the government section 8 housing, and much more.