Joe306tow Wrote:
Mar 31, 2013 10:16 AM
John, The Cabin Boy is Partly correct. The Pagans did use Eggs (Before Christ) to Symbolize the New Birth of Spring (Spring solstice). Just as Evergreens were used by Pagans to Celebrate the Winter Solstice way before Christ's Birth. And, as a Christian I find you using the Catholic Encyclopedia a bit unreasonable. The Catholics have lots of unnecessary rites and rituals that are not needed. For one, where is it written in the Bible "That You Shalt Not Eat Meat During Lent?" No where! Not once from Genesis to Revelations is the command stated. It is part of Catholic Doctrine, but it is NOT in the Bible. The closest anything comes to not eating meat is a section about not putting a stumbling block in a brothers path. "Flesh/Herbs"