Selah Green Wrote:
Mar 30, 2013 6:33 PM
Histrionics? Freaking out like children? Let’s see, what exactly came from Carrey – “Fux News (X3); rant; rave; bare its fangs; viciously slander; no brain in their head; irresponsible buffoonery; attention is all they care about.” (Sounds a lot like projection; you know, project your own issues on others, making the assumption that everyone else in the world has your problems). But there’s more: “Kinda-sorta-almost-journalists; extreme and intolerant views; a colostomy bag; petty and poisonous; bullies; a giant culture fart full of malevolence.” 18 juvenile insults in 4 short paragraphs are his response to criticism. Just who is demonstrating histrionics and acting like a child?