KayLJ Wrote:
Mar 30, 2013 12:39 PM
Sure,if Jesus were here today, He would preach G*d providing for the sparrow in the sky-& the right of a woman to kill her unwanted child as it slumbers in the womb. Oh, and if that child still manages to cling to ITS own life even then and is born alive- just ignore the 6th commandment because it doesn't apply to the weak and vulnerable who can't defend or speak for themselves. If a baby is born alive, it has the IDENTICAL right as owner of its life that you do. The fact he cannot get up and shoot the individual still trying to murder him at that point (as would be his right) is irrelevant. Once society decides someone other than the owner of a life has a 'right' to decide its value & whether he gets to keep it-you get Nazi ovens.