Tish6 Wrote:
Mar 28, 2013 1:50 PM
I am having that issue with my almost 14 year old daughter right now. If she wears jeans with holes in them above her knees she'd better have leggings on under them. It drives her nuts. If she is wearing a low cut top...she'd better have a tank top or camisole on underneath it that covers enough of her chest that when she bends over the guy sitting next to her in algebra doesn't get an eyeful. I am a little more lenient on the swim suit issue. Primarily because i live on the coast and I have found that where I am a one peice is seen more as a "challenge" for guys than a two piece. I sent my daughter to a dance school in which every costume was critiqued by the owner as to whether it could pass muster with her teenage son's hormones.