gcovington Wrote:
Mar 28, 2013 9:32 AM
For all the so called conservatives out there that don't UNDERSTAND what conservatism means. It means to hold to a system of moral values (Christian) and (conservative) beliefs. Last I check my bible and any bible for that matter, says that being gay is a sin. Hence NOT CHRISTIAN, NOT CONSERVATIVE. And since GOD created MARRIAGE. That makes it a christian value and belief. So having GAYS marry, last I check. Is contradictory to conservative beliefs. Which makes gay marriage liberal not conservative. Sally and Jim need a mommy and daddy. Not a daddy and daddy or vise versa. Next I guess there going to want you to say its okay to have a daddy and cat for a mommy. Or mommy and dog for a daddy. "GO TO YOUR ROOM OR DADDY WILL EAT YOUR HOMEWORK"