RedRum Wrote:
Mar 27, 2013 11:25 AM
Perhaps for President, but Todd Akin and Richard Murdoch were not RINOs. They were about as conservative as you can get and both ran atrocious, amateurish campaigns that cost the GOP two US Senate seats in states comfortably carried by RINO Romney. If this nonsense continues next year, the GOP can forget about ever regaining control, or even equity, in the Senate for the remainder of this generation. In fact, the GOP should have a majority in the Senate, and it wasn't RINOs that cost them seats in DE, NV, MI, WI, CO, MO, IN and OH. We get that the far-right wants to "send messages" with their primary choices, but in the end, they only ensure the victory of Democrats, who will vote for Harry Reid as Majority Leader and will support Obama.