Teresa3 Wrote:
Mar 26, 2013 6:42 PM
Perhaps we should stop trying to elect the next 'Savior", or "perfect candidate" for our party and just BECOME the 'savior' our party needs right where we are in OUR OWN communities? Quite frankly, Congress is where we need righteous Champions of goodness and virtue...with the fortitude to STOP the SPENDING ORGE! Congress has a 9% approval rating and yet we re-elect close to 90% of them... THAT is INSANE! Thank you Mr. Sowell for your article. You and Dr. Ben are truly inspiring! PS... Although, I don't believe in Luck, just 'chance odds'...and the person who waits around for those will never be a winner for very long. Meaningful and lasting success is tied to perseverance and elbow grease.