bevans738 Wrote:
Mar 25, 2013 4:57 PM
Here's the historical record of how many times the Feds have tried to "get it right". When they were loosing the battle against organized crime in 1934 they did the firs end run around the 2nd amendment with the "gangster weapons" (now pronounced assault weapons") with the National Forearms Act that imposed an outrageous $200 tax on fully-automatic weapons, short-barreled shotguns and rifles, pen and cane guns, and other firearms. Got those nasty autos out of the hands of the Gangsters as planned? NOT! Then , just 4 years later, they realized that they were on a roll, had the upper hand and decided to run the 1938 Firearms Act up the pole to see if it would fly past the American did. This law stipulated that guns could not be