ideaminer Wrote:
Mar 24, 2013 11:41 AM
As lifelong resident of Colorado (65 yrs), I'm stunned and disheartened by the changes in this state. At a family event a couple weeks ago, I mentioned to my kids that if it weren't for them and my grandkids, I'd be moving to Wyoming or Texas. I was a little surprised when they said they are also considering getting out of this state. Of course, with young families, their own businesses, and homes that would have to be sold, it's not as easy for them to pick-up and go. I've joked that I'm now a believer in fences for border control--put a fence around Calif.! Those residents chose to foul their state with high taxes and excessive regs, so they should stay there and clean up their own mess, not flee to feed off the productivity of others