Nik L Wrote:
Mar 24, 2013 10:03 AM
Youssef, you’ve noticed a trend that I noticed almost 20 years ago – the unfortunately inexorable drift of the Episcopal Church to the left. I was raised from infancy as Episcopalian, as were my father & his forefathers back to the Revolution (& were C of E before that). Coincident with this drift, I’ve also noticed that the drift has overwhelmingly been instigated/promoted by those who were not raised Episcopalian. The conspiracist in me wonders whether it’s a targeted attack since the Church’s influence in American far surpasses its representation as a % of the population. E.g., although Episcopalians comprise < 2% of the population, ¼ of all US presidents have been (or were raised as) Episcopalian, the last 2 being Bushes 1 & 2.