George1001 Wrote:
Mar 23, 2013 1:58 PM
Do as I say not as I do! As my mother would opine.. She left the Democrats back in the 1950's when she voted for General Eisenhower for President and re registered as a Republican when Kennedy ran in 1960. Well my dad who was not a shooter or a hunter- gave me two rifles in 1960 and had me learn to shoot- I still have those two rifles and others as well, I never saw a gun I didn't like some more that others, like my current Blaser R-93. The only thing now is that I am 53 years older, we have a lot more deer around to hunt and to eat the only down side is an out of control government. This is not going the way they thought it would, we just roll over after Sandy Hook, The were very wrong and they are going to pay a huge price for it.