Shavager. Wrote:
Mar 22, 2013 6:49 AM
PEOPLE, PEOPLE, its MUCH WORSE THAN THAT! The $832 BILLION Stimulus bill also paid for: "$190,464 to STUDY SEX REVERSAL IN RATS; $219,000 to Syracuse Univ to STUDY SEX at college universities; $1.97 MILLION to STUDY SEX HABITS OF HOMELESS MEN! $200,000 to Indiana Univ to STUDY WHY MEN DON'T WEAR CONDOMS; $1.5 MILLION for 3 people to STUDY ROLE OF GRANDPARENTS IN ALASKA; $600,000 for a school district in Kansas THAT NO LONGER EXISTS! $200,000 to Univ of California at San Diego to STUDY WHY AFRICANS VOTE THE WAY THEY DO! $529 MILLION to Fisker Auto--an Al Gore backed company--to BUILD HYBRID AUTOS IN FINLAND!!---ON AND ON THE CORRUPTION AND PAYOFFS GO TO OWEbama's CRONIES and Campaign contributors!