rjchicago Wrote:
Mar 21, 2013 11:53 AM
@ Clyde: Noted and I truly wonder if the state is recoverable. To see so many deluded liberal young 'uns there just dismays me. Was there just last month and the Obama stickers, the tatoos, the piercings - where did these clowns come from - they don't fit any sense of 'normal' in the strict definition of the word. Saw a sticker "I love Obamacare' and I thought 'really?' How could this young maven have any clue when the hammer on Truamacare has yet to drop!?Downtown Denver is a hole - I can remember as a teen being able to literally eat off the sidewalks there and now the place smells of urine in the summer - reminds me of some of the hell holes that the cities of the EU have become. Sad. No desire to move there!!!