5474 Wrote:
Mar 19, 2013 2:18 PM
You do not live up to your moniker Elucidated. Global warming is not believed by anywhere near 75% in this country, and Europe s rapidly trahing it due to the utter financial bankrupcy they are living through with their carbon tax being left at the wayside. As for the 47 million without it, I call BS. Ocare only purported to cover 30M of those and that was at the expense of 7-10M that currently have it (per the CBO) Furthermore Ocare promised a $2500 savings that is currenly an average of a $3000 increase already and is projet to raise the cost of insreance for a family of 4 to 20 GRAND by 2016! (3 yearsfrom now) As for who is against Ocare...the lofovoters haven't gotten their bill yet, and believe me, it is going to wax them hard. LOL