Steve146 Wrote:
Mar 19, 2013 9:24 AM
Funny, Prager stretches so hard to find partially relevant scenarios, most of which are straw men, because there's nothing like this issue, and what he preaches here really doesn't apply. A gay person can buy whatever he or she wants, can go to the MVA and get a driver's license, can vote, go to war, pay taxes, perform any duties or jobs... "but hold on there - don't you even think about having a relationship serious enough for you to want to get MARRIED! No, no! It's ridiculous that you want the same legal agreement that heterosexual people can have! Just go away, have your little pretend lives, and your fake love... and leave marriage to us 'real people'! " It's cartoonish. Signed, a conservative who believes in the same rights for all.