Lon23 Wrote:
Mar 18, 2013 11:06 PM
The universal reconciliation people will have their day with you. The All in All. Jesus expressed his will to save sinners. The mote in the eye; the camel through the gate (or Aramaic Bible, rope rather than camel. How can you be so vain to put limits on the power of God? Was Judas forgiven for his role in completing prophecy? Did he not repent before dying? Straight is the gate can be metaphor for the way is Jesus and he is straight. Oh, but you are a fundamentalist who does not believe in metaphorical biblical test. The parables are all metaphorical, do you also deny? OBAMA RAMA IS REASONABLE AND JUST FIND ME SOMEONE WHO IS ARROGANT ENOUGH TO CLAIM TGRUE INSIGHT INTO THE BIBLE AND i WILL SHOW YOU A FOR PROFIT PREACHER.