jtorguson Wrote:
Mar 18, 2013 10:13 PM
I disagree with article. I used to be an evil 'smoker'! I really enjoyed smoking cigarettes. But, the government made it just too damn hard. No place to smoke. Too many taxes. While the government was doing this, I observed my fellow Americans (and plenty of 'freedom loving' Republicans cheering them on. Now. I take a different view. If some politician, usually , but not always, a Democrat, wants to limit the freedom of others, I CHEER THEM ON. Tax the Twinkies, french fries, the sodas, the BEER, the SUVS! GOOD! Tax them and DEMONIZE the people that use/enjoy them. They either voted for it or thought it was a good idea when they went after the 'smokers'. I love instant Karma!