mtraina Wrote:
Mar 18, 2013 6:52 PM
JOHN Mc DONOGH CHARTER SCHOOL ON (03-18-2013) FACT: Only 202 Students out of a Total Enrollment of 556 Student showed up for School on 03-18-2013. FACT: The John Mc Donogh High School Website claims that they are providing an Education for 556 Students! FACT: On 03-18-2013 only 202 Students entered the School! FACT: I was actually accompanied by several People who assisted me with a HEAD COUNT! FACT: We arrived at JMHS prior to the Doors to the School being opened to the Students and remained at the school until 9:00 AM. FACT: On 03-18-2013 over Three-Hundred Students were absent from John Mc Donogh High School. QUESTION: Where are all those Students and why aren't they in School? QUESTION: Is John Mc Donogh High School Charging th