sbemis Wrote:
Mar 16, 2013 9:16 AM
st.paul wrote""IN CHrist there is neither male nor female,..we are all one in Christ Jesus."'It is in contrast to that vision of unity-an echo of Jesus' statement,'I PRAY that they might all be one,even as you and I ARE ONE'that this writter belittles the thought of women ordination.The rule of life is Change,and consertives bow to the idolotry of death as they oppose change,seeking to hold unto the changeless which can only be found in GOD.nOW,SOME justification can be found in opposing aborton because there is life and it's potential there,and life,above all else,is sacred,but in opposing The knowing ordination of Homosexuals this writter again tips her hat t o the forces of death,because homosexuals are living human beings .