Jo119 Wrote:
Mar 14, 2013 9:06 PM
It is actually Pathetic, to hear the "Pathological Liar, Obama each day as he forgets what the Last Lie he told was, OR thinks there is NO video, audio, written words of HIS first lie, then the 'cover up lie, then the BLAME someone else lie.' This is the MOST CORRUPT REGIME, WITH OBAMA AT THE HEAD, HOLDER DOING HIS LAWLESS-DIRTY WORK, AND HILLARY, RICE, PANETTA, BIDEN, JAY CORNEY, ETAL COVERING FOR 'ALL THIS AND ABLE TO LOOK PEOPLE STRAIGHT IN THE FACE, LYING THEIR BUTTS OFF.' ENOUGH ALREADY, ENOUGH FOR SURE. OBAMA LIES WITH SUCH EASE, BUT THEN AGAIN, IT'S WHAT THEY DO. LIE CONSTANTLY AND CONTRADICT THEIR "OWN WORDS"