Rich D. Wrote:
Mar 14, 2013 2:49 PM
So when he gets his hans free from scratching, he will respond in many post with the same skubala instead of opening his mind and actually critiquing anything I wrote here. AL ask for verses - he got them. How does the lying blasphemer respond? Well, we're all thumpers for discussing the S cripture - hey - only the Pope can do that? If the lying blasphemer really thinks that, then why does he bother? Does he want to censor all of us? Can't he just go to another thread? Noooo - his fat ego is fueled by envy and won't let him. He can't stand to see anyone engaging in intellectual pursuits when he is still on his mental tricycle, captive in what he *erroneously* thinks is the pope's locked garage. Note the emphasis.