Rich D. Wrote:
Mar 14, 2013 2:32 PM
Notice that the lying blasphemer has contributed nothing to the debate except when "littleoldme" gives underhanded compliments (man of good will, etc.) and then throws his stink bombs (Pope out, servant of the devil - never tired of that blasphemy that has him on his way to eternal destruction, loco.) He complains about ad hominems? He doesn't know what they are, which is why he is fit only to clean the boards in any theology class. Languages? Pure envy! I can get under the liar's skin by doing and saying nothing except what is relevant to the theme. Oh, we know he likes booze every day. That commends him. Poor lying blasphemer. No new bombs from him - just the same old skubala that non-catholics don't have valid pastors of faith.