Lon23 Wrote:
Mar 14, 2013 2:02 AM
Dear Laura, "It was not a bunch of fringe cranks who said things like this. Many held Ph.D.s from the leading universities, taught at the leading universities and were internationally renowned." Sowell is right about that. I have a book at home titled Revolt Against Civilization, by Lothrop Stoddard, Harvard written in1922. That was years before Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. Stoddard went to Berlin to meet Hitler. Stoddard wrote that the Slavs and Scandinavians were inferior races to be bred out of existence, because they had heads shaped like Orientals. Over 40 million Slavic people were killed during WWII, half ot them civilians. My Russian interpreter's grandfather survived Auschwitz and lived to 91 after being liberated by the Russians