crankin Wrote:
Mar 13, 2013 12:42 PM
That's no reason to support filth. Madonna, filth! Silverman, filth! Tyson, brain dead and filth! Spike Lee, sucking off this constituency! Garofalo, drug induced whack job! I'm surprized at Freeman, great actor but I can't understand why he say such a thing, plus his grammar sucks! Leguizamo, another great actor but evidently has the racial chip on his shoulder! Foxx, in your face black with chip on his shoulder! Penn, another drug induced whack job! West, immature, no talent, hanger...spoiled brat with bad attitude. Re: the black males on the list...they want white women while they degrade white women at every opportunity. Reminds me of O.J., Bobby Brown, etc. All the above are products of liberal plantation think!