nomad5 Wrote:
Mar 13, 2013 10:01 AM
Define "sustainable". The GAO had the guts to estimate long-term (75-year) results of SS / Medicare / Medicaid programs, putting us about another $43T in debt. If they can do this, then any set of high-schoolers should be able to put together a similar-length estimate of the total $$$ required in ALL major categories of Fed spending. This should include (a) acknowledged Fed debt, (b) unacknowledged Fed debt (all the "off-budget" nonsense), (c) projected costs for SS/M/M from GAO, (d) costs for tech refresh of infrastructure, (e) costs to deal with implacable advance of automation and elimination of limited-skill jobs, (f) costs to completely tear apart and rebuild education to cope with (e), (g) costs of natural --more--