Erwin44 Wrote:
Mar 13, 2013 8:29 AM
I own a small business. While on every level I am squeezed by the government (directly and indirectly, e.g., the monster health insurance premium increases forced on me by Obamacare) -- there are 60-70 illegals standing outside, a mere 1/4 mile from where I sit at my desk ... waiting to be picked up by contractors. Right now. When they get injured ... emergency room. Their employers do not pay for their health care. The local police sit in their cars in full view of this illegal activity ... waiting to pounce on moms in minivans and teens ... to create cash flow for the local government. We have a local ballfield that is used by all the illegals to play soccer ... two bridges out. The above realities speak of a 3rd World country.