gcovington Wrote:
Mar 13, 2013 7:12 AM
I'M SORRY!!?? Did you just say don't believe everything you hear? Okay then Robert certainly you would believe Mr. Doris own words right? I would suggest for your sake before you embarrass yourself anymore defending Soros. That you actually read his biography. Nothing, and I mean nothing that has or is being said about him can even come close to how much of a monster that guy really is. Have you ever heard the term "Sale you out for a Nickel" That's George Soros in a nut shell. Or should I say NAZI SYMPATHIZER SOROS!!! Just one of Mr. Soros's previous occupations. Just in case you didn't know it. And I'm suspecting you didn't by your comment. He sold out his own people during WW II. And that was just when he was a boy. :].