WiliamGosset Wrote:
Mar 13, 2013 5:42 AM
Maya Angelou, a renowned Black Poet and Liberal (yes, Liberal) is markedly opposed to Ebonics or Black street slang being taught in schools. Dumbing down the language is not the cure for Black ignorance. When we go bilingual, at least the Spanish or French in VT, NH & ME is gramatically correct. It is not street Spanish, etc. That student should have been berated and embarrassed by her teacher as an example to the other students. When I teach Biology if someone uses the word "prostrate" instead of "prostate" I will rake him through the coals in front of everyone until he gets it right or I'll throw him out of the class (never have had to go that far.) That's a mistake that is never repeated, never. That's the role of teachers!