AliveInHim Wrote:
Mar 13, 2013 12:54 AM
My husband and I went to see FrackNation courtesy of my university's geology department. A very well-done if low-budget film, it explained the process and exposed the lies of Josh Fox. Of course the usual dowdy leftist (interestingly all female) suspects showed up to heckle Mr. McAleer's wife who was the speaker that night. It was worth it to watch her put these modern-day and extremely obnoxious Luddites in their place. I told one woman who chided me to go easy on her daughter that if she wants to sleep in the dirt, scrounge whatever she can find to eat, sit freezing in the dark and wipe her fanny with a handful of leaves she is welcome to do just that. That goes for the rest of you Eco-nuts, too.